San Miguel
Philippines (PH)

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Brand: Red Horse.
Producer: San Miguel Brewing Group Co.
Description: Silver crown cap. Red text: RED HORSE BEER only P30.00 330 ml. 2018 .Red text on the contour: FOR DOMESTIC SALE ONLY. INGREDIENTS: WATER MALT; contains any of the ff: CEREALS, SUGAR, STARCH, HOPS. FOR DOMESTIC SALY ONLY. P-POLO, VALENZUELA A2-09-07-00086 * S- SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA A2-09-07-00087 * M-MANDAUE - CEBU A2-09-07-00088 * B-BACOLOD, NEGROS OCC A2-09-07-00089 *D-DARONG, DAVAO A2-09-07-00090 * R-STA. ROSA, LAGUNA A2-05-11-00164.
Factory sign: SM (San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp).

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